The Problem With Packing

How exactly do you condense your life into a suitcase or two?  How do you prioritise which clothes, toiletries, sentimental items, and various other pieces of technology or whatever else clutters up you life are important enough to take away with you? How do you know whether or not you can live without something until you have to live without it?

This are the questions that have been plaguing me these past 10 days. It is now officially less than 3 weeks until I leave Australia, and for the moment excitement for my trip has well and truly been replaced with the slightly more mundane issues of logistics and preparations.  Which really means there’s been A LOT of procrastinating, mostly in the form of shopping and unhealthy amounts of YouTube and chocolate.

The biggest issue at the moment, as you’ve probably guessed, is what to pack. I will admit, I am one of those people who either overpacks or underpacks, but never actually packs the right amount. Currently, I’m leaning towards the underpacking strategy for my exchange, mostly because I don’t want a heavy suitcase to lug through five different airports (yes, five. The perks of living in Australia, folks), but also because I know once I get to the UK I’ll be able to buy stuff anyway. And I will buy stuff, make no mistake.

You’d think that this decision would solve my problem of not knowing what to pack, but it’s actually just made it worse. So I ask you again, how do you condense your life into a suitcase?

So far, I’ve packed my favourite ‘warm’ coat, and a blanket.

Good start, I know.

The other issue is that I need to pack ALL my clothes in one way or another because my boyf and I aren’t renewing our lease, so everything needs to be packed and moved.  This has raised a whole new issue: do I even want most of my clothes?  A (my boyfriend) and I are working hard on being healthy and losing weight (despite my recent setback), and I hope to continue this once I’m actually in Edinburgh.  So is it really worth packing a whole bunch of clothes that I most likely won’t actually wear once I’m back in Australia? Probably not. Do I give them away? Should I keep them just in case? Is the ‘just in case’ mindset dangerous for weight loss, because it gives me an excuse to slack off?

I’m beginning to understand those people who give away all of their possessions. Possessions are hard.

Somewhat ironically, I’ll have a blog post up soon as a little mini ‘travel haul’ of things I’ve bought for my trip.

If you have any tips for packing, especially packing for the long term, let me know in the comments below!


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