And So It Begins

It’s currently 10:38am (Adelaide time). There isn’t long left until I board my flight, the first of so many, to begin my journey to Edinburgh.

My bags are packed and checked, all of the last minute panic is out of the way, and I’m alone in my little patch of silence in a loud airport.

The tears have been shed, I’ve said my goodbyes, divided the ‘friends’ (stuffed teddies) between A and myself, and packed away my life.

My adventure is well and truly about to begin, but it doesn’t feel like it yet. It feels like any other flight on any other day. It feels anticlimactic.

And yet it’s almost time to board, my plane has landed, my flight has almost been called. It’s time to leave Australia for a new, temporary home.

And so it begins.


It’s currently 6:45pm (New Zealand time). Flight 1 is down, and here I am in Auckland international airport.

I must admit, I still don’t feel particularly excited yet. More a strange mix of overwhelmed and completely not bothered, and perhaps a little bit of wishing that A was along for this incredible journey, even if it isn’t particularly incredible yet. And hungry, I should find some dinner.

The flight was great. Surprisingly delicious beef and mashed potato for lunch, a good deal of beta reading begun and a sneak of chill out movie time. I’m hoping for an equally protective next flight, but that could be optimistic.

For now though, I’ll find some dinner, perhaps buy a pair of delightful wooden gloves, and get ready for the next stage of my journey.

And so it begins.


It’s currently 2:38pm (Los Angeles time). Flight 2 is completed and I’m. At the gate ready to board my next flight which will finally see me deposited in the United Kingdom.

Considering how little sleep I got on my 10 hour flight (approx 4 hours), I don’t feel too exhausted. Yet, I might add. I should also point out, it’s 9am in Adelaide, so that’s 4 hours sleep in 26 hours.

I’m all prepared for this flight with sleeping tablets and a plan to try and get as much sleep as possible. I’m not overly optimistic, and it’s seeming increasingly unlikely that I’ll be doing anything on New Years Eve except sleeping and desperately trying to avoid the clutches of jet lag. Which, if I’m honest, doesn’t really bother me.

From what I can see around me, I’m not too impressed with LA, or at least not with LAX. All I can see is grey, grey skies, grey concrete, grey smog, even the trees look grey! And not the nice, calm, beautiful grey. The dirty grey of cities and pollution and not enough greenery. I suppose having come from New Zealand puts me at a bit of a disadvantage considering how beautiful it is.

Perhaps it’s my lack of sleep catching up, or maybe the fact there’s an adorable puppy here I can’t pat, or maybe even the fact I miss A, but I must admit I feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s hard to feel inspired about the adventure ahead and the beauty waiting for me in the UK when I’m surrounded by the miserable grey of an airport without any view to cheer me up. I also REALLY want a shower, or at least a change of clothes. I might need to sort that out once I get to Heathrow before I check my bags for my domestic flight.

For now though, I’ll have to settle for the promise of a hot chocolate aboard my flight and some of my remaining snacks.

And so it begins.

It’s currently 12:11pm (UK time), and I’ve made it to Heathrow!

I’m writing this from a very comfortable booth at ‘The Perfectionists’ Cafe’ (which I will talk about more in a later post) drinking the most delicious hot chocolate ever consumed.

I feel happy for the first time since I left Adelaide. This feeling caught me rather by surprise upon waking up from an unusually refreshing 6 hours of sleep on my flight to the clouds parting and revealing the UK below me. Perhaps it’s that so much of my heritage lies in this beautiful country, but I get an overwhelming sense of home being here, something I’ve never experienced with a place before. Home for me is usually defined by the people, and yet even here, alone in an airport, I feel at peace.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a pizza to devour before I leave for Edinburgh, my final destination.

And so it begins.

It’s currently 4:23pm (Edinburgh time), and I’ve landed.

I’m here.

And so it begins.


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