Air BnB Review

I’ve never stayed with an AirBnb host before, and if I’m being honest I was a little bit nervous.  A strange town, a strange apartment, a strange person. A whole lot of strange.

However, considering even the crappiest of accommodation was several hundred dollars over Hogmanay, AirBnb was the best option.  I did my research, and found what looked like a lovely apartment in the New Town, staying with a lovely guy and his lovely dog.

I was completely right.

I arrived at the apartment at around 5pm on New Years Eve after a ridiculous number of hours flying, and Murphy immediately welcomed me into his home.  They even woke me up just before midnight so I could sit on the roof with them and watch the fireworks all over the city as 2014 became 2015.  It was as perfect as New Years could be on the other side of the world when all I wanted to do was curl back up in bed and sleep!

For the rest of my week there, Murphy was amazingly welcoming, as were his friends who I had the pleasure of meeting.  The apartment was so close to everything in the city, which gave me plenty of opportunities to get immersed in the city. And Hermann, Murphy’s miniature schnauzer, was so adorable and perfect to cuddle in those moments where family and friends seemed too far away. I’m even welcome back to walk him.

I may have been a bit nervous about staying with a stranger for my first week in Edinburgh, but looking back I’m so glad I did. I’m excited to move into my uni accommodation and have everything feel a bit more permanent, but I’m sure I’ll be back to stay with Murphy in the future!


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