Classes Begin

Today was the first day back for Semester 2 at the University of Edinburgh.  It also happened to be my first day at the University of Edinburgh, and it was a strange experience.

Firstly, it consisted mostly of switching around classes (which I STILL haven’t finished doing), trying to get my timetable into a reasonable shape whilst still doing classes I’m interested in AND will be able to get credit for back in Adelaide.

Secondly, I didn’t feel too lost. Now, I’m not saying that I know my way around the Edinburgh uni campus like I’ve been there for years, but not getting lost on my first proper day was a pretty big achievement, even if I only had to go into one building!!

Finally, it reminded me of what it was like back at the beginning of my degree in Adelaide, when everything is slightly strange, and even though you know you’re supposed to be there you can’t help but feel somewhat out of place.  Unlike my first week in Adelaide however, when I spent most of the time pretending to know what I was doing but actually just wishing I could go back to my house and not ever leave, the feeling of newness isn’t overwhelming this time. It’s exciting.  I’m excited for my classes to start, excited to join societies and make new friends, and very excited to experience life as an Edinburgh student, even if it is only for a semester!


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