Room Tour

So one of my lovely friends from back in Australia said that she wanted to see what my room here at halls looked like, and considering I’ve been meaning to do it since I moved in, I thought I’d take some photos and give you all a bit of a room tour.  I will warn you though, it may be the shortest room tour ever as this isn’t exactly a suite. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a pretty nice room for student accommodation.

Tiny bed ft. friends
How cute is my tissue box! Yes, it’s Mr Tickle
Fairy lights are my happy place
Look how tidy my desk is mum!


Just some bags...Love my bags
Just some bags…Love my bags

So, yeah. That’s pretty much my room. There’s also a wardrobe and a chest of drawers but they’re pretty boring.  And an ensuite, but I might save that for another (riveting) post.

In other news, there was snow on the ground today and even though it was slippy (that’s what they say here instead of slippery) I somehow managed not to fall over.  Be proud, NaNo people and general people who are aware of my habit of falling over!  I also went to my first ever ballet class and it was awesome!


4 thoughts on “Room Tour

  1. OMG! I would need to see a Statutory Declaration before believing something so tidy could be your bedroom. Lots of Love and it all sounds great over there.

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