The Most Indecisive

It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m not great at choices.  I am that person who stands in the aisle in the supermarket overwhelmed by the choice of cereal/chocolate/everything. I constantly decide on my order at a restaurant at the last minute, and almost immediately find myself regretting my decision. I am, unfortunately, absolutely useless at make decisions. You know that old cliche, “I’m indecisive, I think”? That is me. They should be my house words.

There are a few things my indecision doesn’t extend to. University is not one of them. I’ve been questioning my majors since I chose them (History and Politics? History and European Studies? History and Linguistics? History and English? History and Creative Writing??? – as you can tell, I’m not indecisive about history).  I change my mind about essay topics so many times I’m sure there is in fact a rule against it. And I change courses like mad whilst I still can. In fact, since I’ve been here I think I’ve changed around my courses four times. It will be five as of tomorrow when I switch courses again.

So far, I’ve been enrolled in ‘Approaches to Politics and International Relations’, ‘Scottish History since 1914’, ‘Egypt: Political Dynamics in a Changing Middle East’, ‘Worlds of Diplomacy’; ‘The Special Relationship between the US and the UK’, and ‘White Man’s Burden’. Tomorrow, I will (hopefully) be enrolled in ‘Approaches to Politics and International Relations’, ‘Worlds of Diplomacy’, and another politics subject. In theory.

I have until the end of week 2 to change my courses, so who knows, perhaps next week will be filled with more indecision and trips to the visiting students office to switch around my subjects and try and find ones I can get credit for back home.

I really hope not though.  Just for once I’d like to be decisive.

I think.


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