Foodie Friday – The Best Discovery Ever

Some of you may be aware how much I love Terry’s Chocolate Oranges.  It’s a love I get from my dad, but I don’t even see why I need to justify it because they’re amazing.

Anyway, the UK is pretty much the home of the chocolate orange, you can get chocolate orange chocolate bars (which both baffle and excite me), not to mention so many chocolate oranges it makes me very happy.

As it turns out, you can also get chocolate orange doughnuts.

*pauses for collective gasp of delight*

I know. I know. That was my reaction when I walked into Tesco and saw them. I think my flatmate thought I was a little bonkers.

For those who don’t believe me, here is evidence

The excitement is so real.
The excitement is so real.

At first, I thought these were just normal doughnuts with chocolate orange flavoured icing. Excited, I grabbed them.  Then, upon purchasing them for a grand total of £1, I realised they were in fact FILLED with a delicious chocolate orange flavouring inside.

"Filed with a delicious orangey chocolate centre"!!
“Filed with a delicious orangey chocolate centre”!!

Like the good girl that I am, and because I’m allowed a little cheat snack on Friday nights, I waited until after my dinner to have one, although the excitement nearly killed me.

Then, finally, it was time!

The excitement increases!

Barely able to restrain myself, I bit into the doughnut.

So. Good.
You can’t actually see the filling, but it was there!

So. Good. Now I get  to spend 5 months attempting to not eat one every day!


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