Burgers with friends (and a mini review)

As many of you will know, Grill’d is possibly my favourite take away/chain restaurant ever. For those who don’t know, Grill’d is a chain that makes ‘gourmet’ fancy delicious burgers. SO MANY BURGERS.

The front of the pub
The front of the pub

Well, tonight I went out for dinner with friends before my Australian friend flies home, and we were craving burgers.  My friend suggested that we go to the place that apparently made the best burgers in Edinburgh: The 9A Holyrood. It’s a pub about a 3 minute walk from my flat (dangerous) that sells itself as “a place to call your own in the heart of the city”.

Not to spoil the outcome of these This statement is most definitely going to come true.

The intro to their burgers section on the menu
Oooh. Fancy.

As well as having a RIDICULOUS amount of fancy schmancy beer and spirits (which doesn’t concern me particularly) and the sort of atmosphere I love, it has 14 different burgers to choose from.

And not just any burgers, gourmet burgers. With names the “The Italienne”, “The Dirty Bird”, or “The Shroom.” They also have a haggis burger AND a venison burger.

I could barely contain my excitement as we all settled down into a very quaint corner, browsed the menu, and waited for someone to come and take our order. At first the options threatened to overwhelm me, but then I found it.

The Chicken Italienne.  Chicken breast, “sun-blushed tomato”, rocket, buffalo mozzarella, and pesto mayo.

I had high hopes, and they were well and truly met.

Stolen from my instagram - how could you not instagram something this amazing!
Stolen from my instagram – how could you not instagram something this amazing!

There was no charity bottle cap (it’s a Grill’d thing).  I didn’t have the option of adding brie or avocado.  There was no herbed mayo dipping sauce.  But none of that mattered.

The burger was absolutely amazing, and the fries were well seasoned and much more exciting than I anticipated.  I’ll definitely be back to make this place my own.

It may even become a Friday cheat night tradition!


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