Resolutions Update (aka keeping me accountable)

I’m a big fan of accountability when it comes to goals.  Not because I lack self discipline or motivation (ok, partially because I lack both sometimes), but because being held accountable for my setbacks means that not achieving goals results in having to TELL people you didn’t achieve goals and dealing with all the joking, disappointment, annoyance, or humiliation that goes with it (depending on your goal and the people you’re accountable to).

If you remember WAY back to the start of January, I shared my (broad) resolutions with you all. Well, now it’s the start of February, and time for an update.

Adopt a healthy, active lifestyle: I thought this goal was going to be the most difficult, but it turned out to be by far the easiest.  Obviously I still have a long way to go, but in January I cut down ‘junk food’ (read: chocolate and chocolate biscuits) to once (sometimes a weekend) a week, and removed all soft drinks except the occasional lucozade or lemonade (pub night) from my diet.  I also ate predominately vegetarian (completely accidental, I assure you), and rediscovered by love of pesto (OMG I LOVE PESTO). I went to the gym at least three days every week, can now run (jog) for 5 minutes straight, and joined a netball team.  I hit my first target weight, putting me on track to hit my goal weight. All in all, a success!

Complete my degree: Unsurprisingly, less progress has been made on this seeing as it was only January, but still.  I finalised and started my courses in Edinburgh, as well as enrolling in next semester back in Adelaide. I also began to brainstorm topics for my research project next semester.  So pretty successful considering it’s only the start of the year.

Blog consistently and build up a platform: I’ve managed to post every day on this site (even though sometimes that requires a backlog).  I took a bit of a hiatus from my writing blog for some much needed creative space. I also became addicted to instagram and pinterest, and can sort of understand twitter. Success.

Get my first novel ready for publication: Slightly less success, but my creative hiatus (aka thinking time) gave me lots of ideas so now it’s February I am ready to dive back into it. I’m going to call it a success, even if no words were written.

Explore the UK: January was my month for settling in, exploring the ‘living’ side of Edinburgh (as opposed to the touristy side), and as a result not much UK exploring was done.  Despite this, I walked down to the Waters of Leith with Hermann and can now navigate around Edinburgh (Old Town/Uni/New Town) without too much trouble. I’m practically a local. Hopefully February will hold a few more adventures.

Do more of what I love: I discovered I love the gym and LOVE running (even though I struggle), and I’ve definitely done more of that. I’ve watched a lot of Stephen Fry (LOVE). I’ve been walking through a beautiful city every day.  I’ve been making friends, getting burgers, having a pub night with my history seminar, playing netball, and loving life. I feel happier than I’ve felt for a long time (despite occasional bouts of homesickness and frustration).  So definitely a success!

How was your January? Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve? Let me know!


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