Edinburgh Coffee Shops

I have discovered that I work the best in coffee shops. Not at home, not at uni, not tucked away in a library.  In coffee shops.

At the moment I’ve pretty much been sticking to Starbucks because their vanilla hot chocolates are amazing and they are EVERYWHERE in Edinburgh. But, you know, that’s kind of boring (even if I do love their vanilla hot chocolates). And Edinburgh has some amazing (and famous) coffee shops that it would be a shame if I never visited. So, without further ado, here is my list of five coffee shops/cafes I want to try and work in before the semester finishes.

1. The Elephant House
Pretty much everyone knows this cafe, the famous cafe in which J.K. Rowling wrote parts of Harry Potter whilst her baby daughter slept. I’ve heard some reports that it’s simply filled with tourists, but I’ve also heard it has reasonably good food and amazing views of the castle. And, you know, you can’t be a (wannabe) writer and live in Edinburgh without at least visiting the Elephant House.

2. Elephants and Bagels
I walk past this cafe a lot on my way back from uni, and the simple fact I love bagels is enough to make me want to visit it.  It’s also on a list of the Best Coffee shops in Edinburgh, so it can’t be too bad. It sounds fabulous though, close to uni, bagels, and popular.

3. Gallery of Modern Art Cafe
I’ve walked past this cafe (and gallery) quite a bit, and in my experience gallery cafes usually have quite good (fancy) food. Definitely on my list.

4. Lovecrumbs
This cafe only serves cake, therefore I need to try it.  I doubt it would become a regular, but I definitely think it’s at least worth one visit!

5. Black Medicine Coffee Co.
I’ve already been here for lunch twice and it has pretty good food.  It’s usually quite busy, but I might at least be able to find somewhere downstairs to study whilst nibbling on a brie and ham croissant!

Any other cafe ideas are more than welcome, or else I’ll be found in either the Starbucks around the corner from my flat or the Starbucks on Princes Street staring out at the castle!


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