Foodie Friday – Just Burgers and Beers

Friday night appears to be turning into burger night. To be clear, I have absolutely NO issue with this.  I am the type of person whose ideal night involves dinner with friends and then retiring to a cozy pub for a few (in my case non-alcoholic) drinks and a good chat. So burgers and beers on a Friday night with new and old friends is most definitely my cup of tea. Or lemonade, as the case may be.

We intended to go back to The Holyrood 9A for more delicious burgers and craft beer, but by the time we got there they were full and a 90 minute wait seemed a bit steep.  So instead, we decided to try somewhere else: Just Burgers and Beers on the Royal Mile.

I’ll just say from the start that I completely forgot to take any photos whatsoever, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Overall, I have to say these weren’t the best gourmet burgers I’ve had. In fact, they were relatively low on the list (but as we already established I’m a bit of a burger snob).

The restaurant itself was lovely, and my caramel milkshake and curly fries were great!

The burgers weren’t bad, they were just a bit…meh.  It was the sort of place that has ridiculously crazy burgers that, in my opinion, are just a bit over the top.  Things like deep fried mac and cheese in a burger (with the meat pattie as well), bratwurst AND a meat pattie…you know, just ridiculously large burgers that you largely regret afterwards.

It’s not that I wouldn’t recommend Just Burgers and Beers, it’s just that I’ve found better, cheaper burgers in Edinburgh. And I’m all for the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to burgers.


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