I’m planning a wandering!

Obviously, being in Edinburgh puts me A LOT closer to the rest of Europe than being in Australia would, and as a result it would be incredibly stupid for me to spend 6 months here and NOT see at least a little bit of Europe.

If my visa would let me (and if I had unlimited finances) I’d probably be gallivanting all over the continent every weekend, but I have a single entry student visa and although I have VERY generous parents, I don’t think it would be fair for me to spend heaps of their money roaming all over Europe without them.

All is not lost, however. I will have just over a month to fill before A arrives in the UK in July, and after much thought I’ve decided that I plan on filling it with a bit of a Euroventure!

Now, time, budget, and my ridiculous urge to see pretty much literally every country in the whole of Europe means that it will be a limited Euroventure.  The entree, if you will, before a future, larger main.  Of course this means I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to work out where exactly I want to go with my precious time.

So far, I’ve managed to narrow my list (it was a LONG list) down to just a few countries, but obviously there’s still a long way to go (working out cities etc). My very very broad and flexible plan is currently as follows:

Stage 1: UK to Iceland – explore Iceland (based in Reykjavik because without a car I’ll be relying on tours probably)

Stage 2: Iceland to Denmark – fly from Iceland to Oslo, train from Oslo to Copenhagen, explore Copenhagen and rest of Denmark, possible day trip to Sweden

Stage 3: Denmark to Germany – train to Germany, explore Germany (key places: Berlin, Konstanz, Heidelberg, Eagle’s Nest)

Stage 4: Germany to Austria – train to Austria, explore Austria (key places: Vienna, Salzburg, Hallstatt, Hochosterwitz Castle)

Stage 5: Austria to Amsterdam – visit Amsterdam (because canals, not because drugs – anyone who knows me knows drugs aren’t my thing) (short stage)

Stage 6: Amsterdam – Belgium – visit Belgium, possibly meet long distance friend person thing (short stage)

Stage 7: Belgium – Paris – visit Paris, be tourist (short stage)

Stage 8: Paris – UK – return to the UK and hope they’ll let me back in!

Miscellaneous stage: Venice

So that’s the plan so far.  I want to spend longer in Iceland, Denmark, Germany, and Austria than anywhere else, probably only a few days in Amsterdam, Belgium, and France combined.  I’ve made a Pinterest board for my travels which you can check out if you want to get excited/jealous!

Any suggestions of places to DEFINITELY visit? Any essential countries I’ve missed out?


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