Weights machines!

Today I used weight machines for the first time in my life.

You know, the scary equipment in the gym with the stack of weights that you push and pull with various parts of your body?

Yeah. Those ones.

I’ll be honest, I was pretty petrified.  ‘Surely I could just stick with my running (I’ve mastered the treadmill) and then some body-weight exercises in the friendly my fitness room filled with equally beginnery people?’ my brain insisted.  But I was determined.

I started off today with ‘legs’ (that’s right, it was legs day!) because my legs are probably my strongest part of my body (cheers horse riding, gymnastics and netball) and therefore the least intimidating to work out.

To my surprise the machines were all REALLY user friendly, they even had little diagrams of how to use them all!

There wasn’t anyone around to help me, which I found a bit odd, but considering all I did was use three machines to work my inner and outer thighs/butt, I probably didn’t need too much help anyway.

I was also probably the most pathetic weight lifter ever – 14 whole kilograms.  Wow wee. Not. But still, I read somewhere it’s better for women to do several reps at a low but still heavy weight or something like that, and considering it was my first time using the machines I didn’t want to over exert myself and end up with an injury!

So that’s another success for my fitness/weight loss/health journey.  Tomorrow will either be arms or abs, whichever seems less scary at the time!


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