Looks like I’m moving!

That’s right, it looks like I’ll be moving out of my current student accommodation into…well, different student accommodation.

The thing is, I haven’t felt particularly welcome or comfortable in my current accommodation.  Sure, I have my own teeeny weeny ensuite and it’s close to the gym, but it’s just not that great.

I don’t particularly get along with my flatmates – they don’t often talk to me, they’re all really good friends so it’s quite cliquey, they have parties/pre-drinks without me (I know I don’t drink but I can still be fun…) and just aren’t really my type of people.

I’m also tired of being kept up late by drunk people, and of having to pay communal charges for things that are broken in parts of the accommodation I’ve literally never been.

I’m also sick of looking at the same grey modern building every time I look out my window, but that’s not really a reason for moving.


The accommodation people at the university have been so helpful in helping me organise everything, and this evening I went to look at a flat I could move into.

And I loved it.

Sure, the facilities weren’t as swanky as Deaconess (but really other than new-ish carpet and a silver fridge they’re not all that swanky) and the room doesn’t have an ensuite, but I’ve realised that I don’t care at all about that.

It’s in a lovely old building (it used to be a school and a hospital which would freak A out I’m sure but I don’t mind it at all), ten minutes from uni through a gorgeous park, and best of all my room has a view over the parkland and up to the castle.

The people also seem really friendly: I met my flatmates briefly and my RA was so nice we ended up just hanging out for about two hours.

I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be moving, but I emailed the accommodation lady as soon as I got home so hopefully soon.

Although this means I need to pack…eeep.


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