Foodie Friday – Marmite edition

I met a Kiwi this evening (a New Zealander, not a bird/fruit for anyone who was confused). We had a lovely evening chatting, and I did something I never thought I would do.

I tried Marmite.

As a somewhat proud Australia who grew up eating Vegemite on toast and biscuits, Marmite is one of those things I don’t trust. Especially not British marmite, which has a strange consistency and just looks a bit wrong.

Not one to let appearances scare me (I’ve tried and enjoyed haggis and black pudding for goodness sake!) I decided to give it a try.

At this point I should explain that there is Kiwi Marmite and British Marmite.

At this point I should also probably explain what Vegemite/Marmite is to those of you not from a country that enjoys yeast spread. They are brown, tar like, salty spreads usually put on toast.  They’re also one of those things you either like or hate.  I love Vegemite.

Kiwi Marmite closely resembles Vegemite (as it should).  It has the same consistency/texture.  And, I must admit, it was alright. Weirdly sweet, but not too far away from good old Vegemite.

UK Marmite on the other hand was disgusting.  Perhaps you need to put far less on, but even them I’m not convinced.  The consistency is wrong (more honey than Vegemite), it tastes wrong, and even the colour is wrong (it’s brown rather than a tar colour).

In conclusion, I would have Kiwi Marmite again if there was no Vegemite available, but I’d nevr been desperate enough to reach for UK Marmite…especially not when I can buy Vegemite at Tesco!


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