On Top of the World

Guess who’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hint: It’s not Shady.

It’s motivated, productive, super awesome Rachel!


As it turns out, a girls night last night was exactly what I needed.  Just hanging out with friends (the food wasn’t great but the drinks and company were awesome even if it was just lemonade), chatting and enjoying myself was so amazing.

I even stayed out until midnight like a real life grown up university student!!

I got my work done and went grocery shopping, so now I have lots of delicious food to last me until next week!

AND people (even some people I’ve never met before) are willing to read a few chapters of my novel and tell me what they thought.

Everything’s coming up Rachel!

I just need to get through my presentation and other tutorials tomorrow and then it’s the weekend! I’m seeing friends for dinner tonight, playing netball on Sunday, maybe going on some Edinburgh adventures, and basically just planning an awesome weekend.

Also my flatmates and I are going to watch the SOLAR ECLIPSE tomorrow morning before uni starts which will just be super awesome! Expect a blog post on Saturday!

All in all, life is swell!


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