#FeelingSpendy – March Reward Haul

I recently hit another fitness goal stage in what I’ve cheesily dubbed my fitness journey, and, as can be expected, I’d saved up for a bit of a reward.

I was originally going to buy a bag online, however after reading several terrible reviews of the website, I decided to spend my money on just a general shopping trip.  Because I love shopping, therefore it makes the best reward.

The first place I went (on Friday afternoon actually) was River Island.  I’ve spoken before about how much I love River Island, and there was a pair of boots I’d been looking at for over a month that I desperately wanted.


I’d been a bit undecided over them because they’re quite dressy, which isn’t usually my style.  But then they disappeared from the website and my size disappeared from ASOS and I realised I needed to have them.

So off I went, and to my excitement the closest River Island to me (St James Centre) only had one pair left, and they were in my size!

The front in faux suede and the back is faux leather, with a little gold bar on the heel.  The suede is a tiny bit scuffed in places already, but it’s barely noticeable and I’m so happy with them!

I wore them out on Friday night for dinner/froyo, and they’re surprisingly comfortable, although I definitely wouldn’t wear them all day every day!

Then on Sunday after early morning netball I decided I head back down to Princes Street and do some more reward shopping! If anyone’s ever been shopping with me they know it takes FOREVER because of my strange technique.  I go everywhere, write down everything I want, and then have a hot chocolate/food break to cut down the list into the things I actually want, which I’ll then try on before finally deciding on what to buy.

As a result, I walked for about 5 hours whilst shopping….my legs actually hurt the next day!

The first place I bought things from was Zara, which is always a bit hit and miss for me. This time though, I was quite successful.  To make up for not wanting to risk buying a bag from a website with bad reviews I bought a beautiful (faux) suede and leather blue bag, which I am absolutely in love with!! I also picked up a pair of thick leggings/trousers to replace my old ones which are now far too big and keep gradually falling down when I wear them.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


Finally, I went to Topshop.  This was pretty exciting, because although I’d been into Topshop a lot I’d never actually bought myself anything from there.  However, a jumper I bought at the start of the year from H&M has gone from being chic oversized to just plain stupidly oversized, and I wanted to find a semi-replacement.  I was originally going to buy a jumper in the same mustard colour as my H&M one, but the size 10 jumper (the smallest size they had in the mustard) was unflatteringly big, so I decided to go for the deep khaki forest green one instead, and I absolutely love it!!


So that’s it.  I also bought some home-y stuff, but that wasn’t part of my reward and is pretty boring so I decided not to include it. Let me know if you actually like these type of posts and I’ll try to do more (when I buy things).


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