A Few of My Favourite Things – March Edition

*note: I am in fact writing and uploading this on Friday 3rd of April because I was a bit unorganised this week*

It’s the last day of March and my brain literally can’t handle it.

It’s the end of March.

That’s 3 months out of the year gone.


We’re a quarter of the way through 2015.  Let’s all just let that sink in for a moment.

Ok, enough sinking in and onto favourites.


My favourite piece of clothing this month has somehow managed not to be a coat. Trust me, I’m as shocked as you are.  In fact, my favourite outfit is incredibly recent, having featured in my #FeelingSpendy post not too long ago.



I am IN LOVE with my Zara leggings and Topshop jumper.  So much so that I’m literally considering buying another pair of the leggings and trying to find the jumper in another colour.  I’ve warn them pretty much every day since I bought them (don’t worry, I have washed them), and they’re just the best. Definitely a good investment.


I’ve been back to loving lipstick this month, particularly my MAC lipsticks.  Not much else to report on this, other than I like wearing lipstick.


I have yet more haircare I’ve been loving in March, this time two hair masks from Herbal Essences (I don’t have photos).  The first is the Bee Strong strengthening mask, and the other one is the Beautiful Ends mask.  I use them both once a week between shampoo and conditioner, and I definitely think they’re helping to keep my (now very long) hair super healthy.  I’ve noticed far less hair shedding (is that the right word), and my ends look a lot healthier.  I definitely recommend them!


Let’s just face it, I love shopping. This month I’ve loved Zara for fashion and Boots for make up/skincare.  British Zara is MUCH better than Australian Zara, yet everyone tells me that Spanish Zara is even better than British Zara.  I might have to check it out…


I didn’t go out for dinner as much this month because essays have kept everyone busy, but I have had quite a few meals at Nandos.  What can I say, sometimes you can’t beat peri peri chicken and some chips/mash!


I still hit the gym this month, but not as much as I would have liked, probably only 3 times a week max.  I did, however, really enjoy my last month of training with the history society netball team, and definitely want to continue playing when I’m back in Australia.


Peanut M&Ms.  I’ve still managed to stay quite healthy this month, however I have consumed more peanut m&ms than a normal human should be eating…


Probably YouTube.  Between all my essay writing it’s been nice to just be able to watch some YouTube videos and completely relax.


My favourite song this month has been ‘Cool Kids’ by Echosmith. It also makes me feel super cool and hipster when I listen to it (even though I’m pretty sure it’s not hipster…)


My favourite place this month (aside from Edinburgh), has been my new flat.  It’s in the most amazing location (I mean, I can SEE THE CASTLE FROM MY WINDOW), my flatmates are so so so lovely and adorable it makes me happy, and I have a beautiful walk to uni each day.  I’m definitely so glad I moved!

So there you have it, a quick March favourites, minus photos because I’m a bit busy at the moment!


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