I Love My Flatmates

Those of you who’ve been around for a while will remember that I moved student accommodation/flats at the end of February.

Whilst this was for a lot of reasons, one of the main ones was that (through no one’s fault) I didn’t really connect with my flatmates, and I wanted to spend my exchange living with friends, rather than just flatmates.

Obviously the decision to move was in itself rather risky. What if I moved into a horrible flat? What if the people in there hated me? What if I panicked because I had to share a shower (it was a real concern)?

Thankfully, the decision to move flats was the best decision I’ve made the entire exchange.

I live with four other international students: two Americans, a girl from China, and a girl from Spain, and our flat is awesome!

We have dinners together.  We go on Sainsbury’s runs together.  We sit up until 4am when we can’t sleep together.  We make mug cookies together.  We run out of our rooms as soon as we hear someone so that we can talk. We don’t judge each other, which suits me fine because I’m pretty weird.

Aside from living with A, my shared living experiences up until this point had been pretty negative.  Personalities clash, and it’s impossible to like every single person you meet, particularly when you’re forced to live alongside them and their experiences and habits.

Living in my flat feels like living with friends.  Mostly because I do live with friends.  It’s how I imagined my student accommodation experience would be.

I’m going to miss my flat so much when this month ends and we all go back home.  The Americans leave even earlier, they’ll both be gone in exactly ten days, and this makes me unbelievably sad.  That said, I’m already planning a future trip to come and visit them, because they can’t get rid of me just by moving continents!

Moving to WPC definitely saved my exchange experience.  I loved Edinburgh regardless, but knowing that at the end of each day I was going home to be with friends who wanted to see me and hang out and go buy chocolate or eat dinner at nandos just made everything even better.



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