Edinburgh Waverly


An hour to go until my train arrives. It’s not even on the departures board yet.

I’ve been here (well around here) since 10am.  The last time I was at Waverly Station I was crying. I’d been travelling alone for 10 days, I’d missed my train and had to buy a new ticket, and it was the first time on my travels I’d felt truly overwhelmed by it all. This time I just feel a bit ill, a bit sad, a bit excited, a bit hungry, but mostly just tired.

I’m on my second Starbucks Cool Lime Refresha (lime cordial) of the morning.

I’ve repacked my suitcases so I can send one (yes another one) back to Aus and travel light during my adventuring. I had a few weird looks, sitting in the corner of Princes Mall rocking out to power ballads and shifting my belongings from one bag to another. Not that I cared, particularly.

I’m contemplating whether to get a bagel or a pasty for lunch. Usually I’d just stock up on chocolate, but I don’t know how my stomach (or my skin) would feel about that right now.

I’m people watching. There are hens parties EVERYWHERE. And tourists. And students like me travelling home or to visit family, burdened with a semester’s worth of stuff. And a group of Scottish men carrying a blow up doll dress in the Australian flag…

It’s only 6 weeks until I’ll be back in Edinburgh. This is the first time I’ve left since my exchange started in January. It feels very odd indeed.

I wonder if my train time is up yet…


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