Being Honest

I’ll have a post up in the next few days (aka tomorrow but no promises) about my adventures in Lancashire/Yorkshire, complete with images.  But right now I don’t have the internet speed to upload images, and to be honest I’m not in the mood for a gushy travel post.

To be honest I’m just in the mood to be in Australia, snuggled up in my bed next to A, watching TV, eating Australian food, not worrying about trains and visas and money and documents and hotels and all of that.

I’m in the mood for my favourite foods cooked my by favourite people in a familiar kitchen.

I’m in the mood for a phone call to my mum that doesn’t cost her a stupid amount of money, and that doesn’t have to be at a ridiculous time of day.

I’m in the mood for hugs from A.

I’m just in the mood to be home.

Usually I wouldn’t post something like this, and I’d just have a homesick night by myself and wait until it had all gone away to post.  But for some reason I decided to be honest.  Because this, lying in bed at night before catching a train to London, staying in a strange hostel, catching another train(s) to Germany, staying with a friend, and more trains, and more strange beds on a never ending cycle for 33 days until it all starts again but with A instead of alone, is as much a part of my travels as all the fun and photos.

The past 153 days have been incredible, and I’m sure the next 66 until I set foot back in Australia will be equally as incredible.

But I’m going to be honest right now, I want to come home. Just for a little while at least.


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