A Week in “God’s Country”

Upon sorrowfully (is that a word? Apparently it is) departing Edinburgh, my first stop was a town called Burnley in Lancashire where my…something’s live. Hold on. My dad’s mum’s sister. So my dad’s aunt. So my… *consults google* great Aunt and her husband.


I’d never been to Lancashire or Yorkshire before (aside from train trips through it whilst making my way to and from Edinburgh) and to be honest I didn’t really have any expectations.

I arrived on Friday afternoon, and on Saturday we went out for a day of driving through Lancashire and Yorkshire, visiting a few of the beautiful quaint little villages nestled among the rolling hills and wild moors. The rest of the week was more driving, visiting little towns, villages, and shopping centres.

It was lovely to get to see some of my British relatives, as well as getting to explore some of the north of England.  I’m going to be honest, so far the north of England is my least favourite part of the UK – aside from a few quaint little villages it’s just rather underwhelming when compared to the beauty of Scotland or the vibrant bustle of the south.

Next up: a quick stop in London, and then across to the continent!


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