London Thoughts

You wouldn’t expect someone with relatively bad anxiety who hates crowds to love London.  You wouldn’t even expect them to like it.

And yet I do, I really do love this city.

I love the underground – swiping my oyster card and winding my way through the maze of tunnels to find my train.

I love how London bustles – this city is thoroughly alive.  Everyone has a place to be, it’s strangely refreshing after the more relaxed place of both Edinburgh and Adelaide.

I loved London the last time I was here as well – it seems my first impressions of places are more steadfast than my first impressions of people.  I’m not sure if I could live in London, unless I was central and even then it might grow tiring, but I do love my visits.

This has been a very quick stop over – I arrived this afternoon and tomorrow morning I head off to Germany.   I’m definitely looking forwards to being back in London next month though and pretending to be a Londoner for a few more days!


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