I made it to Germany!

I made it to Germany.

Despite my ridiculously early train time (who books a train for 8am??? – also mum, shhh) I somehow managed to pull myself out of bed, grab my customary Starbucks, get through security (much easier at St Pancras than at Heathrow), find myself some breakfast, and find my seat on the Eurostar.

I barely took any time at all for us to cross the channel and reach France.  In fact, I didn’t actually realise we were in France until I consulted my google maps/gps and discovered I was in ‘real’ Europe! The train journey from London to Brussels took about 2 hours – the same amount of time it takes my parents to commute to work in the morning! #Australiandistanceproblems

I arrived in Brussels station at about 11:04am, and spent the next 5 hours and 20 minutes sitting in the station trying to work out which train I was allowed to catch and struggling to work their ridiculously hi-tech toilets (if you’re wondering – the toilet automatically flushes when you unlock the door, that’s why there’s no button).  Thankfully I had my laptop fully charged and ready to go so I spent the entire time writing and being rather productive if I do say so myself!

From Brussels it was another 2 hours or so to Cologne (or Köln as it’s actually called), and then about 20 minutes to Bonn, where my friend Lucas was waiting for me! It was about 25 degrees when I stepped off the train, rather warmer than I have become used to I will admit.

Coming up: adventures in Bonn and a dragon mountain!


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