Last Days in Bonn

The mystery sickness struck again on Tuesday, leaving me in bed with a fever and an awfully throbbing headache the entire day and quite a bit of Wednesday. What a dull way to spend time travelling!

Not to waste my final day however, I decided to do a bit of touristy adventuring and head on over to Beethoven Haus – the house where Beethoven was born.

*cue excitement*

I’m going to be honest, it was a bit meh. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a classical music lover, and even more so if you can actually read German (I can’t, and therefore all of the signs next to paintings and letters were completely wasted on me).  You also can’t take photos inside (booo) but I took a few cool ones of the outside.


After that it was time for another touristy thing – Haribo.  Bonn is the home of Haribo or something like that, and not only do they have their own big Haribo store, you can actually visit the factory store which is like a big supermarket filled with Haribo. Ridiculous.


Tomorrow morning I leave Bonn headed for Passau in the south of Germany for a week to visit an old school friend – but more on that soon!


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