A Boat Ride to Austria

After not doing much my first day and a half in Passau (largely due to the fact I’m enormously introverted and lazy), we set out this morning (we being my friend Alina, her friend Rebecca, and I) at 8am ready to catch a boat to Linz, the third largest city in Austria.

I was so excited to be heading to Austria – Vienna and Salzburg are off limits on this trip, but I was looking forwards to seeing Linz.  I’ll be honest, the city was a bit of a let down – I wouldn’t advise visiting Austria on a Sunday afternoon as literally everything is closed (except a few food shops) and there isn’t really much to do.

We also got super sunburnt sitting outside for hours in the sun (it was HOT), and I felt really unwell (I definitely think I’m going to wake up with a cold tomorrow), so we weren’t exactly in the mood for sightseeing.

Despite that, I took quite a few photos for you all to see!

(P.S: do you like these photo-oriented blogs, or do you prefer the ones where I just ramble on about things?)



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