Next stop: Italia

I’m writing this on a plane. As I write, we are flying over the mountains – I assume somewhere in Austria but I’m not entirely sure. There are teensy villages in the valleys.  Like, so small you can barely see them.  Surrounded by big ass snow capped peaks as far as the eye can see. And I’m flying over it. Just casually. Thought I’d drop that in there.

I’m on my way to my second big European country of my grand Euroventure: Italy.

I’ve heard an awful lot about Italy, my mum lived there years ago and she talks about it all the time.  Also I’ve always wanted to visit Venice, because it’s Venice and I don’t need another reason.

In my mind Italy, along with Austria, and Scandinavia, is a place I’ve assumed I’d like to live for just about as long as I’ve been old enough to understand the whole ‘there are other countries besides Australia, here are some of them’ thing.  Don’t ask me why, I’m not religious, and I’m most definitely not Catholic religious, I don’t particularly enjoy the heat, and high school French taught me that I do not have a natural affinity for romantic languages (French = bane of my existence).  I just feel drawn to Italy, or the idea of Italy in my head.

Let’s be honest, I’m not exactly exploring much of Italy on my trip.  I’m here for just over a week.  I spend tonight in a hotel at Milan Airport, then six days in a little village on Lake Como where I plan on being a hermit and doing LOTS of writing, and then two nights in Venice, the city of my dreams.

It’s not really long enough for me to get a feel for Italy, nor am I visiting enough places for me to actually SEE much of Italy.  But it will be enough to give me an idea of whether or not this is a country I want to visit for a longer period of time and explore more of.

Mostly though I’m just excited for Venice.


Also, side note, we may perhaps be flying over the Swiss Alps.  Coz there are A LOT of mountains. If only I had a map, like the ones you get on super long haul flights that show you where you are and how many more hours you have of sitting in the same seat.

Wherever I’m flying over I’d like to come back here please.  It looks like my ideal place – mountains, tiny villages, lakes, snow, greenery.  It probably doesn’t have fantastic phone reception though…

Ok, I’m almost definitely possibly sure that we’re flying over Switzerland. Why? I don’t know. I just think we are. Or were.  We’ve now left the mountains behind and have moved onto hills.

It’s like you’re all here with me isn’t it.  Listening to my fascinating rambling about Italy and mountains.

If you were wondering we’ll be landing soon.  Not that ‘soon’ means anything to you considering you’re most definitely NOT reading this on my flight as I haven’t published it yet, and are therefore probably sitting somewhere.  But still, we land in about 15 minutes.  Just so you know.  The man literally just told the crew to prepare the cabin for landing.

How exciting.

I’m going to land in Italy soon.

Which probably means we’re flying over Italy now.

It looks Italian.  Is that a thing? It’s definitely a thing, Germany looked German.  Then again I am looking at it all from the sky, so it’s sort of hard to tell.

Anyway, I need to put my laptop away now.

Let’s be real, I probably won’t edit this before publishing, so I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

Get excited: tomorrow we’re going to Lake Como!


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