Today was a weird day.

This morning, I discovered that not only do Italians, like most other Europeans it seems, have something against a good old hot breakfast, they also have grapefruit juice instead of apple juice at breakfast.

I confirmed my suspicions that Milano Malapensa airport is the world’s stupidest and most confusing airport, whilst also getting angry at automatically flushing toilets and the stupid good quality backpack I bought that won’t fit into my suitcase so I need to carry it around with me everywhere even when it only has water and my purses in it.

I tried my first ever Cannoli Siciliano and found it kind of underwhelming.

I paid 22 euros to go on a bus tour of Milan which simply made me annoyed I had such a short amount of time to see the city.

I discovered a little place at the train station which was selling all sorts of amazing Italian food and had literally one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten in my life.

I spent the entire train journey to Varenna staring out the window with my mouth open unable to comprehend that the stunning beautiful landscape I was seeing was actually a real place.

I contemplated walking to my B&B before discovering the walk was entirely up hill, so instead got a ride with a very friendly taxi driver.

I discovered the wifi at my B&B is completely useless.

I realised that the single shop in Perledo is most likely closed tomorrow and the only food I have is chocolate.

At least the area is pretty (by pretty I mean god damn amazingly beautiful).


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