Last Day on Lake Como

So today was my last day in Lake Como, the thought of which makes me sad.  I’ll miss waking up and heading to the bathroom, only to see the towering mountains and impossibly blue lake greeting me.  It’s so peaceful here (well, mostly), and it definitely gave me the week off I needed before the hectic week ahead on my Topdeck tour.

Today I awoke bright and early (thoroughly unusual) so I could finally have the breakfast section of my B&B (it’s served at 8:30 and I’ve always slept through it).  I must say it was definitely worth waking up for.  Some sort of delicious Italian carrot cake breakfast tart thing was placed in front of me and it was absolutely delicious!

After breakfast, Matteo (the B&B owner) gave me a lift town into Varenna.  It’s only a 5 minute drive (probably less than that), but it’s a much longer walk down steep stone steps worn with use.

It was an absolutely glorious day, the sun gently shining as it seems to do in this part of the world, warm but not hot.  I spent the morning (about an hour and a half) wandering through the adorable little villages along the lakeside, marvelling at the twisting streets that ascend into the mountains, the brightly painted houses, the oldness of it all, but not in a museum type sense, in the ‘people have been living here for centuries’ sense.

By midday I was starving, and so headed down the winding streets of Varenna to find a pizza place I’d heard was incredible.  The reviews were, to quote A’s dad, not wrong.  I ordered a ‘parma’ pizza: tomato sauce, cheese, brie, topped with parma ham, oregano, and olive oil. As you can imagine it was not only the best pizza I’ve ever eaten but one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in general.  I’ll definitely be trying to recreate it at home with homemade pizza dough, though I sense it will lack that special something that true Italian pizza has.


I ate it down by a little cove, and then sat there for a few hours writing away, looking out over Lake Como and watching people swim, boat, and fish on its waters.

Then (duh) it was 3pm and time for ice cream.  Today’s flavours of choice: crème brulee, ‘cookies’, and vanilla.  YUM!

I had such a peaceful afternoon, wandering back and forth along the Lake, stopping at little local market stalls (and maybe picking up a present for a certain special someone), and perhaps indulging in another ice cream.

Don’t judge – I had a 45minute hike UP A MOUNTAIN ahead of me to get back to my B&B (you wouldn’t need a gym if you lived in Perledo, let me tell you – my legs ache now more than they have for weeks!)

I really am sad to be leaving this place, although I’m certain it’s only a temporary departure.  I want to come back here with A, and alone, and with anyone who’ll come with me.  I just want to come back here again and again until someone taps me on the shoulder, hands me the keys to one of the beautiful old houses, and tells me I don’t have to leave.

I was reminded of what my relatives in Lancashire said when I first met them, asking whether I was a city girl or a country girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the city with its bustle and its shops, but sitting on a patio looking over Lake Como listening to the birds chirp, how could anyone not be a country person?


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