The Next Adventure: Topdeck

Today I’m heading to Venice to start my first ever Topdeck tour.

Topdeck is a travel company that does tours aimed at 18-35 year olds.  They (like Contiki) have a bit of a reputation for being a party tour (Topdeck less so), but seeing as I don’t drink and despise late nights (unless they are filled with Netflix) I am certain that no matter how sick everyone else is in the morning, I will be raring to go.

I was a bit nervous about doing a tour – I mean, I like being alone (as we’ve discussed), I like doing whatever the hell I want, and as mentioned above, I’m not exactly the partying type.

Then again, it’s an amazing opportunity.  Over 8 days I’ll get a snapshot of Venice, Munich, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam, enough time for me to get a feel of the cities and decide whether or not I want to visit again (I already have an idea though).  It was also on sale thanks to how late I booked it, so with all my accommodation and transport included, and quite a few meals, it was pretty good value for money.

I’ll be blogging every day, keeping you updated on my wanderings (and hopefully some new friends might make an appearance)

Tonight: First night in Venice and meeting the group


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