Oh Venice – Topdeck Day 1

Let’s just get this out of the way: I loved Venice, I want to go back to Venice, I want to live in Venice, Venice is amazing.

I don’t really have much else to say – I spent the day wandering the streets (first with my tour group, then alone) of Venice, getting lost in alleyways, crossing bridges, and marveling at the fact that I was actually finally in Venice.

I rode in a gondola, saw how lace is made, witnessed snippets of a Venetian wedding, heard part of a Vivaldi concert, and overall just had a wonderful, wonderful day.

Topdeck is pretty good so far – a bit of a gear change from travelling solo, but not necessarily a bad one.

A few of the people on my tour got so drunk last night they didn’t even make it into Venice – I’ll be honest I’m struggling to understand.  I get the whole drinking aspect, and even though I don’t drink I’m not going to judge those who do, but seriously, missing an entire day of a European tour YOU’VE PAID FOR because you’re so hungover you can’t function just doesn’t make sense.  Especially as today was our only day in Venice…

Oh well, each to their own.

Tomorrow we leave at 8am (ewww) for a LONG drive to Munich.  I assume a lot of people will be hung over/asleep on the bus.

I might even get some writing done…

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