A Night in Munich – Topdeck Day 2

Today was an annoyingly early start as we left Venice to begin the drive to Munich.  It was a LONG drive, but we have to break every 2 hours or so for the driver so at least that broke it up.

Driving through Austria was thoroughly beautiful, and made me even more excited for when I will eventually make it to Austria, with A in tow of course.

Then we arrived in Munich.  Of all the cities that we’re visiting, Munich was probably the one I was least excited for, which is good in a way as we leave tomorrow morning for Prague.  And if I’m being honest, it didn’t really impress me.

People got their

We arrived at our hostel, where most of the rooms (including mine) still hadn’t been cleaned – we’re talking filthy bathrooms, overflowing bins, food on the floor, someone had a  suitcase in their room…it was ridiculous, especially considering it was 4pm and they knew we were coming, and we were late!!

After a rather disgruntling start, we headed off on our walking tour of Munich on our way to dinner at the Hofbrauhaus.  The old centre of the city has beautiful architecture, of course, old churches and town halls and gothic architecture mixed in with highstreet stores and chain cafes.  It just wasn’t anything impressive.

Hofbrauhaus, a pretty famous beer hall in Munich, was thoroughly disappointing.  The building itself was beautiful, the ceilings were all painted and there was so much beautiful solid wood everywhere.  The beer was apparently pretty good too, but seeing as beer makes me feel sick I stuck with orange lemonade (woo, wild).  There was a traditional Bavarian band that played, and we got to see some traditional dancing.

The actual dinner experience though was awful.  There’s about 40 of us, so we had a big long table like all the other tour groups.  I assume it’s a pretty regular thing for them considering it’s such a tourist attraction.  Well, the service was the worst service I’ve ever had.  The waiter went around asking us all for our order, as standard, but when the food came out there was no apparent order or reasoning, and even worse they simply shouted the name of the food and put it down in front of you.  A few times we were given things we hadn’t ordered, and when we tried to say that the waiter simply walked off!  It was ridiculous – people got their sides fifteen minutes after they’d finished their mains, and it was very  clear the waiters were not in control of the situation. This might have been forgivable if the food was good, but it wasn’t.  My sausages were pretty decent, but my spaetzle was baaaaaad, and the bread was stale. Pffft.

Then came the bill debacle.  We got one big bill for the whole group, and ended up being quite a significant amount short once everyone had put in money (and some people had put in 10 euros or so extra). We all chipped in another 2 euros to make up the total, and thought that would be the end of it.  We’re pretty sure that they simply added extra things to our bill because, thanks to the terrible service, people kept having to ask for their meals again. So…that’s dodgy.  Then, after they’d overcharged us, and we’d all had to pay extra, the shitty head waiter came up to the table and informed us that “tips weren’t included” before walking off again.  By this stage we’d had enough.  A basket was passed around for us all to deposit our 1, 2, and 5 cent coins into, which we grudgingly handed over to him was we left. Considering Germany is a country where tipping isn’t expected, and considering the awful service, everybody was understandably upset about being forced to shell out even more money for their tip.

Overall, if you’re ever in Munich, I wouldn’t recommend the Hofbrauhaus for anything more than a stein or two – it’s not worth it.

Coming up: Dachau, and arriving in Prague.


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