Reflections on Berlin – Topdeck Day 6

I’m sad to report that Berlin disappointed me. I don’t know what I was expecting, or even if I was expecting anything in particular.  Berlin just didn’t live up to whatever  my expectations were.  It just seemed kinda lifeless for a city with so much history, particularly so much recent history.

It was cool to see a surviving section of the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, the Holocaust Memorial, and even the towering Radio Tower in Alexanderplatz, but the city just lacked…something.

I didn’t feel the same sense of wonder I felt when I was in Venice or Prague, nor the same thriving beauty I feel whenever I visit London or from spending months in Edinburgh.  It was just another city with too much concrete.

I’ll come back of course, I’d like to spend more time visiting the museums in Berlin that explore German history.  But it’s not a high priority, nor is it somewhere I’d want to spend weeks (or months) at a time.

It was just a bit meh, which is disappointing.


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