Amsterdam Adventures – Topdeck Day 7 & 8

Yesterday was a VERY long day.  We had about 700kms to cover  from Berlin to Amsterdam, and we were on a pretty tight  schedule.  A tight schedule that was completely thrown out the window when our bus decided to just casually break down.


The coolant liquid fluid thingamabob was leaking, so we kept having to pull over and eventually we spent about two hours hanging out in a maccas (McDonald’s for those of you who aren’t Australian) whilst Marek (our driver) took the bus to get fixed.  All of this waiting put us heaps behind schedule.  We missed the Cheese and Clogs demonstration, and had to book the later Sex Show (I didn’t attend).

Basically, the seventh day of Topdeck was a bit of a stressful disaster.

Despite the hiccup, Amsterdam was incredible.  Definitely one of my favourite cities I’ve been to, although the smell of weed did get a bit boring after a while (no, I didn’t have any…sorry to be boring).

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