The Final Week

Much to my horror, it has begun.  My last week in the UK has begun.

To say I’m not ready would be an understatement.  I don’t want to leave the UK, and I particularly don’t want to leave Edinburgh, the city that has well and truly captured my heart.  I picked up some post-grad booklets the other day when A and I were in the shop buying Edinburgh uni hoodies (even though he didn’t even go there), so hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later (fingers crossed).

It feels so weird that it’s finally almost time for me to leave.  This year has flown by – it’s already the end of July.  My not so little brother turns 19 tomorrow (technically it’s already his birthday in Australia now).  We’re well and truly past the half way point of 2015, and that’s a little bit scary.  I just can’t believe how quickly this has all gone, it feels like only yesterday (cliche alert) that I was getting off the plane in the middle of the British winter ready to begin my adventure.  Since then so many amazing things have happened – I finished an entire semester at Edinburgh with an A average (nailed it). I’ve explored Germany, Italy, Prague, and Amsterdam, making new friends and visiting old ones along the way. I’ve made friends I will have for the rest of my life who, even though some of them are weenies, I love dearly.  I’ve had so many incredible experiences I couldn’t have even imagined at the beginning of my exchange, and I’m not sure I’m ready to just go back to Adelaide and pick up life where I left off.  In fact, I’m almost certain that I don’t want to.  I feel like such a different person to the girl who left Adelaide in December last year, different in a good way, and I don’t want to lose that.

Anyway, that got rather deep rather quickly.

I have a week left, and thanks to some last minute change of plans we’re spending all of it in Edinburgh, which is amazing!  I’ll hopefully have more to report soon as we count down the days until we board our flights to New Zealand for one last week of holidays before the real world and Australia beckon me back…


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