Today is my 21st birthday.

It’s not as big a deal in Australia as it is in the states, but it’s still a ‘big one’ nonetheless.

It feels strange to be becoming a ‘real adult’.  When I was younger 21 seemed to be the pinnacle of grown up-ness, but now that I am actually 21 I realise how untrue that really is.

Anyway, enough of the deep stuff.

Today I want to make a list of 21 things to achieve whilst I’m 21, which is going to go in the back of my 365 day book to track this year of being 21. Why am I sharing it with you? Because it’s Monday and I need a blog posts, and I like to share!

  1. Revise Rebellion manuscript in preparation for publishing queries.
  2. Feel confident in my body.
  3. Visit a country I’ve never been to before.
  4. Graduate from my Bachelor of Arts (Advanced).
  5. Start Honours in History.
  6. Be able to run 10kms.
  7. Learn how to apply eyeliner.
  8. Read 21 books
  9. Get back into playing music everyday.
  10. Start learning a language.
  11. Go a month without social media (excluding blogging).
  12. Buy something special for myself.
  13. Start keeping a journal.
  14. Set up a consistent savings account.
  15. Donate all my old clothes and belongings to charity.
  16. Revamp my wardrobe and personal style.
  17. Learn how to cook something I’ve never made before.
  18. Stop biting my nails and grow them.
  19. Learn how to do the splits.
  20. Learn how to drive.
  21. Say yes to something that scares me.

So there you have it, 21 things to do whilst I’m 21! Do you have anything you want to accomplish before a certain age? Share something down below!


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