Favourite Films

We’re not going to get deep today, because I’m feeling melancholy and down in the dumps and any other synonyms you can think to describe miserable.

Instead, we’re going to talk about my favourite films.


I totally stole the way of organising this tag from Ariel Bissett who is a BookTuber I have become a little bit obsessed with (not in a creepy way, just in a watching a lot of her videos and connecting over how we’re practically spirit animals due to our love of George Orwell, Legolas, and giraffes).

Anyway, without further ado because it’s late and I’m tired and rambly, here are (some) of my favourite films!

Top 3 Animated films
Princess Mononoke: I love this movie so much you probably can’t even comprehend.  Miyazaki is an actually genius, and in my humble opinion Princess Mononoke is one of his best films.  You’ve got the not even subtle message about how people need to coexist with the environment rather than just fuck everything up.  There’s a badass female hero who lives with wolves.  The male hero rides a red deer.  There are awesome mythological creatures in the forest including adorable white shaky-head people things.  If you haven’t seen this movie you need to because you are missing out.
Spirited Away: Another Miyazaki classic, and the first of his films I saw (possibly because it was the first shown in cinemas in Australia?).  It’s about a young girl who gets trapped in this alternate dimension bath house place for spirits and how she needs to save her parents who have been turned into pigs with the help of a boy who is also a dragon.  It’s quirky, it draws on Japanese mythology and traditions, the artwork is STUNNING, the soundtrack is OMG (all of Miyazaki’s films have amazing soundtracks thanks to the genius of Joe Hisaishi).  It’s just amazing.  Go and watch it immediately.
101 Dalmatians: What’s an animated movie list without a Disney film, hey? Just beating the Lion King (my love for the stage show is far greater than my love for the film) is my childhood classic.  I wasn’t into the Princess thing, but OH MY GOD I LOVED THOSE DAMN DALMATIANS.  It sparked my obsession with dogs, particularly dalmatians, and whereas a lot of Disney films now seem a bit, well, childish to me (please refrain from throwing things), 101 Dalmatians still hasn’t lost its charm.

Favourite Christmas movie
The Hogfather: The Hogfather is perhaps one of my actual favourite films of all time.  I first saw it YEARS ago (perhaps 2006) when it was on TV in two parts on the 23rd and 24th of December, and I was immediately captivated.  I’m really into the whole slightly creepy quirky fantasy thing, so the Hogfather was obviously right up my alley.  It’s based on the book by Terry Pratchett (which I still haven’t read – sorry).  To summarise in three words, it’s about Christmas, Death, and believing.  It’s incredible.  Unfortunately, no one in my life agrees, so it’s one of those films I have to watch alone and on YouTube because I can’t find it anywhere.

Favourite Comedies 
Disclaimer: these are all actually TV series. Deal with it. 
– Parks and Recreation: My flatmates in Edinburgh (shoutout to Tam and Molly) were OBSESSED with Parks and Rec, so obviously I started watching it too.  I’m now far too emotionally invested in the characters for my own good and am actually going to have a mild breakdown when I reach the end of season 7.  Also Ben Wyatt is my spirit animal. You don’t even understand how much he is my spirit animal.  Parks and Rec is one of the only things that I find so funny I actually laugh out loud.  Seriously, I just lie in bed giggling like a child.  I fucking love Parks and Rec.
– My Family: I grew up in a family pretty into British comedy, and one of the shows we always used to watch on ABC at night was My Family.  It’s a family comedy thing, kind of like Modern Family but SO MUCH MORE HILARIOUS OH MY GOD.  My Family also makes me laugh out loud, as well as giving me warm fuzzy memories of my family.  I own 10 seasons, which is all you can buy in Australia. Not obsessed.
– Black Books: Another British comedic classic, this series about a man who owns a bookshop but hates people, his best friend, and his odd assistant is hilarious.  Need more convincing?  Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, Tasmin Greig. Go and watch it now because it’s amazing.  Probably not appropriate for children though, as my little brother found out the hard way when he was younger…

Feel-good/happy place movies
– Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit: Not your traditional feel good films, but trust me, if you know how much I love Lord of the Rings you’ll understand.  Obsessed is an understatement.  I’ve seen the films an embarrassing amount of times, and the special features an even more embarrassing amount of times.  Legolas is probably my first true love aside from the kid I had a crush on in primary school.  Viggo Mortensen is incredible.  The guys at Weta workshop are geniuses.  GOD I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS SO MUCH LET’S MOVE ON BEFORE I GET TOO EXCITED!
– Camp Takota: Some of you may know I’m pretty into YouTube. One night (2am, insomnia sucks) I found a movie that three YouTubers I rather enjoy (Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig) made together.  I watched it.  It was beautiful.  It’s probably the most feel good super happy not even a little bit sad emotional growth friendship summer camp hilarious beautiful thing I’ve ever watched.  Just like that, it became my go to cheer up movie.  Whenever I’m super sad I know I can just put this on and watch Hannah, Mamrie and Grace be the hilarious best friends they are in real life and know that everything will be ok.
– Howl’s Moving Castle: This is probably my favourite animated film of all time.  Another Miyazaki film (are you sensing a pattern), Howl’s Moving Castle is just beautiful.  The love story makes me cry, I want to marry and hit Howl at the same time, Sophie’s character development is amazing, the artwork is stunning, it’s just perfect.  It’s actually perfect.

General awesome favourite films
Shawshank Redemption: I feel like this movie is on most people’s favourites lists. It’s just incredible. Enough said.  If you haven’t watched it, go and watch it.  Immediately.
– Shutter Island: Firstly, let me start by confessing my love for Leonardo DiCaprio. I will happily watch literally anything he is in. But Shutter Island is just…it’s just SO GOOD.  I love the premise, I love the plot and it’s twists, I love Leo, I love the suspense.  It’s just so good. Another must watch.
– The Ghost Writer: Don’t ask me why I love this film so much.  I don’t know.  I don’t even know if it’s genuinely good, but I seriously love it.  It’s that sort of dark and creepy and suspenseful thing that I seem to really enjoy.

So there you go, a few of my favourite films.  Go and watch them all.  I’m going to bed!


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