October Goals

You might remember that on my 21st birthday I posted 21 things I want to accomplish whilst I’m 21.  To do this, I’m obviously going to need to work a little bit on each of the goals every month.  These are October’s focuses (I swear that’s not grammatically correct…)

  1. Prepare for NaNoWriMo
  2. Start making a conscious effort to eat more healthily.
  3. Get everything organised for the study tour to Singapore in December.
  4. Submit all my coursework on time for my subjects.
  5. Attend the Honours information session for history.
  6. Complete weeks 1-4 of the Run 10k program.
  7. Buy eyeliner
  8. Read 1 book.
  9. Aim to play piano or flute 3 times a week.
  10. Think about useful languages for post-grad study/future plans.
  11. Pick the best month to go without social media.
  12. Start saving to buy something special.
  13. Try to journal every evening.
  14. Start saving in general.
  15. Contact salvos to organise clothes pick up.
  16. Scour pinterest for style inspiration.
  17. Cook one recipe from my new chocolate baking book.
  18. Get a manicure every two weeks to help grow out my nails.
  19. Try to stretch every day.
  20. Swap my Victorian learners for South Australian ones.
  21. Say yes to something that scares me.

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