Three Weeks To Go…

So we’re officially a week and a half into the hectic month that is October, and I’ve already submitted one of three major essays.

That was the easy part of October, though.

In the next three weeks (19 days actually), I have two essays to write (11,000 words worth), two 10 minute presentations, and a take home exam.

Hectic, hey?

I swear this semester has just gone by FAR too quickly – it’s already Week 10 of a 12 week semester! Seeing as I’m away for SWOTVAC and have no proper exams (finals for you Americans out there) that means there’s 19 days until Semester 2 is over.  Which means (aside from an exciting two week study tour coming up in December) I will have finished my undergrad degree (fingers crossed, touch wood).

That all happened quickly!

Let me know if any of you are caught up in the end of semester rush, and we can talk about how stressful it is together!


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