Style Saturday: Capsule Wardrobe Update

I’ve done it.

Don’t ask me how, but I managed to narrow down 33 items of clothing, accessories (including bags!) and shoes that will form my capsule wardrobe until December.

I’m so bloody impressed with myself.

It wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought it would be, but then again the warmer months are my least favourite seasons to dress for so I don’t exactly have large numbers of clothes competing for a place (wait until winter and my coat and boot collection emerges…)

So I have 33 items.  Well, technically 36 items, but there are three ‘pairs’ that I figured aren’t going to be worn at the same time, so I group them together (you’ll see below).

The only issue is (most likely due to my hatred of warm weather), approximately 50% of my items are on my ‘to buy’ list.  What can I say, I’m a jeans and coat kind of girl, summer isn’t my thing.  With that said, I’ve pretty happily divided the to buy clothes into sections, so really I’ll be accumulating them over the next three months rather than buying them all at once.  This also means that by the time December/January rolls around at it’s swelteringly hot (even more sweltering than 35 degrees/95 Fahrenheit) I’ll actually own some properly summery clothes.  I may still be wearing my jeans for now, but  trust me, there comes a point in the Australian summer where that’s just no longer possible.

Without further ado, here is my list of 33 items that are going to make up my capsule wardrobe this season! (Items in bold are items I still have to buy). I already own neutral t-shirts but I HATE the fit of them, so I’m ‘investing’ in some ones I like more.

  1. Stone duster coat – perfect for layering but cool enough to still be wearable most days
  2. Leather jacket – a staple for me, and my trusty ‘it’s a little chilly/not boiling out’ option for layering
  3. White shirt – a classic
  4. Lightweight shirt – this shirt is a lot more summery and laidback, which I think will make it better as the weather continues to get hot because it’s light enough for me to wear during the day
  5. White v-neck oversized tshirt – another staple
  6. Grey v-neck oversized tshirt – see above
  7. Black v-neck oversized tshirt – see above again
  8. Black vest top – a top option that isn’t a t-shirt, also good for more dressy occasions
  9. White vest top – see above
  10. Suede cropped top – something a little more interesting to go with my non-jeans options for trousers
  11. Strappy blue dress – the only dress/skirt on my list.  I picked this up in Berlin and I like it as a piece that can be super casual during the day but also quite dressy and sexy at night
  12. Faded black jeans/floral flowy shorts – the first of the pairs.  Basically I’ll only wear shorts if it’s actually too hot to wear jeans.  So I’ll never need them both in my wardrobe at once.
  13. Ripped denim jeans/denim shorts – see above again
  14. Disco pants (aka shiny thick leggings) – a bit of a love/hate item, but I adore them.  Great for casual wear and for nights out!
  15. Summer ‘joggers’ – something slightly lose and flowy but that’s still trousers.  Because I love trousers.
  16. Wide leg trousers – something new and adventurous for me, but I love the way they look and I figured I’d give them a go!
  17. ‘Pony hair’ slippers (not actual pony hair) – I love these flats, particularly now that I’ve broken them in! Like most things in my wardrobe they can be both casual and dressy, and they’re just super cool and soft
  18. Ballet flats – because sometimes I just don’t want to be wearing my nice fancy pony hair shoes (like when I’m near dirt)
  19. Sandals – self explanatory.  It’s hot, you need sandals
  20. Birkenstocks – So god damn comfy.  Also ‘in’ at the moment, so infinitely more fashionable than the good old €1 primark thongs/flip flops/jandals I’d otherwise be sporting.
  21. Heeled/dressy sandals – something more evening wear/dinner appropriate than slip on sandals, but that isn’t as full on formal as my court shoes (not included in this capsule wardrobe because they’re part of my super dressy fancy stuff).
  22. Trainers/plimsolls/pretend vans – Because sometimes I just want to wear trainers, ok!
  23. Bikini set – What am I supposed to wear at the beach?
  24. One-piece – I love my one-piece, but it’s not exactly designed for swimming in…at least not if you have boobies.
  25. Board shorts – I always feel more comfortable in board shorts (the little cute ones, not massive man ones), mostly because they drastically decrease the likelihood of your bikini bottoms being pulled off in the surf.
  26. Mirrored sunglasses – There is an ongoing debate amongst the people in my life over whether or not my face suits sunglasses.  I don’t really care what they think.  I have super sensitive eyes that hate the sun, so I need sunglasses.  And my mirrored ones make me feel much cooler than I actually am.
  27. Camel felt hat/woven straw hat – A point will come this season when it becomes too hot to wear a felt hat, which is when I’ll swap in my more summery one.
  28. Ted Baker Leather handbag – My everyday handbag and possibly one of the best investments ever.
  29. Longchamp Le Pliage bag-  Good for uni, good for travel, good for pretty much everything.  Just good.
  30. Pale blue bag – Something to make my overwhelming monochrome outfits slightly more summer worthy.
  31. Black shoulder/crossbody bag – For when it’s not appropriate to be carrying around a bigger bag
  32. Miscellaneous bag 1*
  33. Miscellaneous bag 2*

*These haven’t actually been finalised yet.

So there you have it.  I’ll probably be doing a little haul at some stage over the next few weeks to show you some of the things I’ve purchased for my capsule wardrobe, so stay tuned for that!

See you Monday! x


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