Treat Yo Self.

Sometimes you just need to treat yo self.

This wise lesson was taught to me by the genius that is Parks and Rec not too long ago, and I don’t think anything from a TV show has connected with me so deeply for a long time.

The whole point of Treat Yo Self day is, as the name suggests, to treat yourself.

Now, I don’t actually have a day, but I need it’s important once in a while to treat yourself to whatever it is that makes you happy.

This is particularly important in times of high stress, like now, for instance.

Sometimes when we’re stressed, or lonely, or sad, we can forget how special we are.  I realise this is a bit cheesy, but I’m serious.  So many people these days have low self esteem.  I don’t actually think I know many people who genuinely love themselves.  Most people don’t even like themselves.  Because of this we tend to surround ourselves with negative influences and friendship, deny ourselves things, or, even worse, feel guilty about treating ourselves as though we’re special.  WHICH IS RIDICULOUS.  BECAUSE WE’RE AWESOME.  (Most of us anyway).

So this week I’ve been doing little things to treat myself, and I think you should do the same.

The best bit is that just because something is a treat to me (buying something I’ve wanted for ages, eating a custard tart for lunch, etc) it might not be for you, and vice versa.  Just do something that makes you feel good and special.  Take yourself out to dinner.  Go see the movie you want to see.  Buy something you’ve had your eye on for ages.  Spend an entire evening watching the Vicar of Dibley (or your show of choice).  Spend a day at home wearing your favourite pyjamas.  Paint your dog’s toenails.  Watch as much shitty TV as you like.  Have a cupcake for dinner.



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