3 Years Out

Three years ago today I had my last day of school.

That’s absurd. Three years since high school ended  (other than exams obviously).

So much has happened in those three years.

In 2012 I was living in Bendigo, anxious to move away. Now I’m living in Adelaide dreaming of moving back to Edinburgh.

In 2012 visiting Europe was just a dream. Now I’m planning my next trip back having beem there twice already, once to live for 7 months.

In 2012 I was in a long distance relationship. Now, after 6 months apart, we’re back living together for our third year.

In 2012 uni was still something I was working towards. Now I’ve almost finished my Bachelor’s degree and am preparing for honours and the years beyond.

There are so many things that have stayed the same as well.

I’m still a wanderer, I still want to travel and live and explore.

I still dream of being an author, and people still tell me it’s not practical.

I still love history and international studies, although my focus has changed slightly.

I still love A (yeah I said it).

I learned a lot in my final year of High School. I learned that your grades aren’t the most important thing. I learned that you don’t need to be friends with people outof convenience, and that if you don’t enjoy spending time with people you shouldn’t. I learned that some people simply just aren’t worth the effort and some really are. I learned that you can be passionate about many things and only want to study one of them. I learned that my teachers, not the curriculum,  taught me the most useful lessons. I learned that hard work is rewarded. I learned that people manage their time differently and that’s ok. I learned that people rarely see you the way you see yourself, and that it’s both a good and bad thing.

I learned a lot in year 12, but I’ve learned a lot in the years since.

The most important thing? Who you are in school doesn’t define you once you leave. Year 12 doesn’t define you. You define you.

Cheesy post over, see you Thursday!


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