Life Update!

I haven’t posted in a little while.


Life has been super busy.

I’ve finished Semester 2 after a ridiculous fortnight of essay writing, stressing, too many brownies, and a few tears.

Last week I was in Port Douglas for a friend’s wedding.  I was going to do a whole heap of blog posts on it, but then decided that it’s something I want to keep private, particularly considering it wasn’t my event.  I’ll just say that it was absolutely beautiful, and I’m so happy for them both.  It was also my first time in Queensland, and though it was gorgeous, I’m glad to be away from the ridiculous heat and humidity!

Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas - stunning
Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas – stunning

I’ve also been pretty busy with National Novel Writing Month this November.  The idea of the challenge is to write 50,000 words in 30 days of a novel.  That’s 1,667 a day.  Now, because I type quickly/don’t have much else to do, I hit 50k on the 11th (Wednesday).  I still have a ridiculously long way to go in my novel though, so I’ve got a busy month ahead.  If you want to follow my progress, I’m blogging every day on my other site RachelAlsoWrites, so go and check that out!

I’m hoping to be a bit more committed to this blog in the next few weeks, I’ve even got some posts planned! But bear with me, November is hectic!

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