What’s in my Singapore Carry-On?

So I leave for Singapore SUPER early tomorrow morning (my flight to Perth is at 6:40am – urgh!), which means I’ve spent most of today making sure everything in organised! Today I thought I’d show you what I take with me in my carry on for long flights (the flight to Perth is 3.5 hours and then the flight to Singapore is 5 hours).

My Carry On

The bag I use as my carry on is the Longchamp Le Pliage bag.  I’m pretty sure mine is the largest size currently available, and I got it with the long handles. It took me AGES to commit to buying this because I wasn’t sure if it was great value for money, but I honestly use it all the time for travelling and uni so I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth from it! The laptop case is just one I picked up in Forever New.  I like it because of the front pocket for storing things in!

The most important….

The most important thing I pack is my travel wallet.  This is a new one from Kikki K I bought for myself as a pre-travel gift, but you can get them pretty much anywhere, and for any price. This one has four sections, one un-tabbed one at the front, and then labelled ones for your tickets, passport, and ‘other’. It also has a zipped compartment I use to hold cash, and four card slots which hold my frequent flyer card, my debit card and travel money card, and my student ID card.  My passport has recently been upgraded to this cool passport holder (again from Kikki K).  I use it quite a bit these days and a passport holder helps keep it from getter damaged!  I also keep two pens in the open pocket at the back of the wallet, because pens are SUPER useful to have during flights!

Three makeup bags isn’t too many, right…?

Next up I have my in-flight toiletries/necessities separated into three bags because I’m a Virgo and that’s how I roll.

Bag #1 is my airport security approved clear bag for liquids whilst travelling.  In this I keep:
– Face spritz (amazing for LONG flights when your skin gets all dehydrated and you feel gross)
– Deodorant (trust me, you need this)
– Hand cream
– Lip balm
– Nasal spray (helps with decongestion on flights and prevents you from getting ill)
– Hand sanitiser (goes without saying)
– Sample size moisturiser

Bag #2 holds general toiletries/other items I might need on the plane
– Travel tissues
– Face wipes
– Antibacterial wipes
– Intimate area wipes
– Pad/tampon/panty liners (in case I or anyone else needs them)
– Hair brush
– Hair ties
– Bandaids
– Blister bandages

Bag #3 contains my first aid pills kit, essentially.
– Berocca tablets
– Hydralyte tablets
– Panadol
– Nurofen
– Strepsils
– Birth control
– Medication
– Anti-histamines

I am prepared for pretty much anything!

The electronics section…

– Macbook 12 inch – this is AMAZING for travelling because it’s super light (900 grams) but still has a full size keyboard.
– x2 portable chargers – in case my phone runs out of battery
– Macbook and phone charging cables – in case I need to charge them…
– Phone – essential.  Contains music, email, maps, messenger/WhatsApp, and also acts as a device to call people…
– Over ear headphones – a present from A when we were travelling back from the UK.  The fanciest headphones I’ve ever owned.
– In ear headphones – in case I need a change

Snacks = Life

The all important food section.  I have to travel with food.  Not only do I get really travel sick in cars/trains/buses/occasionally even planes if I have an empty stomach, I just always find myself really hungry on long haul flights.  Also sometimes the food isn’t that great (except when you fly Air New Zealand because their food is seriously on point). I will definitely pick more up at the airport because I’m just that sort of person, but for the moment I have a container of puffies (puffed corn for those of you who are adults – basically super duper healthy popcorn) and a container of freshly made cookies, because cookies.  I also have my huge new ‘R’ drink bottle from Typo that I can fill up once I’m through security in Perth.  It’s super important to stay hydrated on flights, even if it means you’re getting up to pee heaps.

I also either carry a huge blanket scarf or a jumper of some description (or both) with me in case I get cold on the plane, as well as fuzzy warm socks if I think I’ll need them (I’m travelling in my Birkenstocks tomorrow so I’ll definitely be bringing some socks)!

My flights tomorrow are all during the day and I arrive in Singapore at night, but if you had a night flight/needed to sleep I suggest ear plugs and an eye mask, and also sleeping tablets if you’re like me and literally cannot sleep on planes unless you’re lying down (I was once awake for about 48 hours whilst flying from Adelaide to the UK, never again).

Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten anything you view as crucial, and look out for lots of Singapore related blog posts over the next two weeks!


One thought on “What’s in my Singapore Carry-On?

  1. Your uncle Bruce and I lived in Singapore for a couple of years at the dawn of independence, 1959-62: very exciting times for the creation of new identities. One of my jobs as an editor at Eastern Universities Press was revamping old colonial textbooks (“substituting palm trees for oak trees”) and editing new texts being written by young local teachers. Love your posts! Joan

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