Study Tour Day 10 – Green Singapore

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t describe Singapore as “green” at some point. Singapore has a lot of greenery, and although they still have a long way to go in terms of recycling and their ecological footprints, they’re not as bad as people portray them as being. I mean, Singapore MAKE their own water for goodness sakes!

The highlight of today was visiting Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore’s biggest and most famous tourist attractions.  Wandering around the two glass domes that house the majority of the plants, and well as looking at the giant artificial ‘supertrees’.  Gardens by the Bay exemplifies Singapore’s attitude to green spaces and greenery – if you don’t have it, make it.  The domes are set up to mimic spring in different climates, allowing a ridiculous number of plants to grow and to flower constantly.   So much of Singapore has been constructed over the past fifty years, and of course its green spaces are no different. Our guide was super knowledgable (probably the best guide we’ve had so far actually), but I found myself wishing that we didn’t have a guide simply so that we could have wandered around at our own pace.  There was the option to go back after the tour finished, but the sky was looking increasingly stormy so I made the (wise) decision to jump on the MRT as soon as possible and avoid the rain completely.

I took so many photos today, so I thought I’d share quite a few of them with you, especially for those who don’t think they’ll be in Singapore any time soon (or want to be).



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