Tag Tuesday: Straya Day, Mate

Today is Australia Day (STRAYA) so I thought I’d do an ‘Australian Tag’ to celebrate.  Now, before someone gets mad, I know that Australia Day is controversial. I know it upsets a lot of people.  Sorry. It’s literally just a fitting day to do an Australian Tag…


1. Which state do you live in?
South Australia.  It’s heaps good.

2. What states have you visited around Australia?
Pretty much all of them now I think. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, SA, I’ve flown to Perth so I’m counting that, Tassie.  Just the Northern Territory to go!

3. What do you order at boost juice?
Without fail, an original mango tango crush with pineapple. Every time.

4. Golden Gaytimes or Pavlovas?
Golden Gaytimes.  Do people actually say pavlovas? I mean, I like pavlovas, but seriously. Golden Gaytimes all the way.

Also, for my non-Aussie readers, this is a Golden Gaytime.

Get your head out of the gutter.

5. Cricket or AFL?
AFL.  Again, who says cricket? AFL is at least exciting! Although 20/20 cricket seems pretty exciting, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because there’s fireworks in the ads…

6. Who is your favourite Australian actor/actress?
There are seriously so many amazing Australian actors/actresses, I don’t know if I could just chose one!! I might have to say Heath Ledger, though.  He was an absolute legend and it’s such a shame his career was cut so short – he would have been hands down the best actor in Hollywood, I’m calling it!

7. Describe your formal night at high school
Hahaha oh god.  Firstly, A and I both had to sign forms to promise that we wouldn’t drink/do drugs/go clubbing/do anything else unseeming of a GGS student before we could even GO to the formal. #privateschoollyf. A’s mum also made him shave, which was adorable! And my dress was on point! We sat at a table with my high school friends in the same venue my school uses for the formal every year, and to be honest it was pretty meh.  Except when ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ came on because that was our production zumba song so all the production kids and our teachers took over the dance floor and zumba-d the fuck out of that song!  Then A and I went home and went to sleep like the old people we are. And that was my year 12 formal.

8. Do you like Vegemite? How do you eat it?
Fucking yes I like vegemite! I LOVE vegemite! When I was really little I used to eat it out of the jar with a spoon because I liked the salt.  I don’t recommend doing that. My favourite way to eat vegemite is on saladas with butter and cheese.  On toast is pretty good too!

9. Have you ever seen or petted a kangaroo?
Duh. Of course I have.  There were kangaroos that would come down our driveway at my old house in Bendigo and freak the dogs out.  And basically every wildlife park in Australia has somewhere to feed the kangaroos.  Pro tip though: don’t feel wild kangaroos coz they’ll probably just kick you.

10. Have you seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge?
Yeah, once, when I was younger.  I don’t really remember it though. I should probably go again…

11. Do you say…

a) Mate: Obviously. Who doesn’t say mate?

b) G’day: Yeah no. Fun fact, I actually can’t say it properly. I try to fit the “ood” in, which doesn’t work.

c) Jumper or sweater? Jumper. Sweater is one of the only British* words I didn’t pick up whilst I was living in Edinburgh.  I mean, I’ll say it, but it’s a fucking jumper, mate.

12. Overall, what do you think of Australia?
It’s pretty sweet.  I get a bad reputation for ‘hating’ Australia.  I don’t actually hate Australia, just to be clear.  I just prefer other countries I’ve visited (like New Zealand and Scotland).  So no, I’m not a die hard true blue Aussie through and through, but it’s a pretty great place to live. ‘Nough said.

Also, just because it’s Australia Day and nothing makes me feel patriotic quite like Adam Hills being a boss, here’s one of my favourite videos in the whole world. I’m sure I shared it last year, but it’s worth another share.  A yearly share, in fact.

*I’ve since been informed “sweater” is an American word, or at least the British don’t say it. So I didn’t pick it up from my American flatmates whilst living in Edinburgh, is what I meant. Obviously.


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