A Few of My Favourite Things: Janaury

I started this series last year and forgot about it by March.  Let’s see if I can do better this year.  I’m just going to try to narrow it down to my favourite seven(ish) things each month, and I’ll just ramble about them. Yeah. Good.



This one should be pretty obvious.  In case you somehow missed it, Edinburgh is my favourite place in the world, I miss living here, and I’ve been back for two weeks now on a little pre-Honours holiday. Edinburgh just makes me so bloody happy!

Bullet Journalling

If, like me, you want to be an organised person but you really struggle with traditional planners/day to a page diaries/week to a page diaries, try bullet journalling.  I love it because you can really customise the basic layout to what suits you.  I have a 6-month calendar (that’s usually how long my bullet journals last), a monthly and weekly overview with tasks, and heaps of other to do lists and notes.  If you want a little ‘tour’ of my journal, let me know and I can do that. But basically this strategy has changed my life (I’ve been using it since mid-2015) and I’ll never go back to a traditional diary OR using my phone!



As part of my goal to read 50 books in 2016, I downloaded Audible at the start of the month.  I originally put it off because I thought it’d be shit value, but it’s really not.  For the Aus version, you get one ‘free’ book per month (the subscription is around $12p/m), and then most other audiobooks are $15 which is INSANE compared to iTunes or similar places.  I’m loving being able to listen to audiobooks, particularly autobiographies that are actually read by the author. Basically audible is great.



I don’t think I can actually explain how much I love Starbucks. Aside from saying it’s a lot.  Adelaide doesn’t actually have Starbucks (only Cibo, *glares*), but Edinburgh does and I’ve had A LOT of Starbucks since I’ve been here.  My go to drink is a Vanilla Hot Chocolate in winter, and either a caramel cream or a cool lime refresher in summer.

I don’t even care if you think I’m basic.

Carrie Hope Fletcher, Tom Fletcher, Giovanna Fletcher

As Giovanna said in one of her videos, the Fletchers are “awthome”.

I was REALLY into YouTube for quite a bit of 2014/2015, but my love for it has dropped off recently.  It seems the more seriously people are taking it, and the more famous certain YouTubers are getting, the more I’m beginning to dislike it.  I still follow a fair few YouTubers, but they’re the ones I like to view as ‘talented’.  A few of them are film makers or actors, some are singers, one has a PdD in fashion marketing, one has her own clothing brand, you get the deal.

My favourite people to watch this month have definitely been the Fletchers.  Carrie Hope Fletcher wrote a book I reviewed on my writing blog this month, and is probably most well known in the UK for playing Eponine for three seasons in the West End production of Les Mis. She’s awesome. Tom is her older brother, and is in the British band McFly/McBusted (I never know what it’s called now).  Gi is his wife, who’s also an actress and an author.  Basically they’re a super talented family and I enjoy hearing about their lives. Don’t judge.

Chunky Jumpers


Being in Edinburgh in January means it’s cold, which means I can wear jumpers and coats.  I always love coats, so I don’t think it’s fair to count them as a favourite.  I’ve definitely noticed that my winter style is, without exception: black jeans, black boots, a chunky knit jumper (turtle or crew neck), a coat, and occasionally a scarf or beanie if I’m cold. I now own five chunky jumpers: a black cotton turtleneck that is lovely, a HUGE cream turtleneck that I love, a green one from Topshop last season, and burgundy and grey/black flecked ones from P.G. Field that are technically men’s jumpers but I don’t even care.  They’re so warm and snuggly and oversized and I just love them.

That is all.

Les Miserables



This should come as no surprise after Thursday’s post, but Les Mis has been one of my favourite things this month!

I tend to forget, despite my enduring love for this musical, just how amazing it really is until I see it/hear it/read about it, then I remember all over again. For me, there simply isn’t another musical I’ve seen where every song manages so perfectly to portray the emotions they are about.  I Dreamed A Dream and On My Own never fail to make my heart ache with the pain of unreturned love and lost hope.  Stars always fills me with a sense of determination, sheer, unchanging, determination.  Empty Chairs and Empty Tables makes me cry not only for Marius and his friends, but for those loved ones that I have lost. And don’t even get me started on Do You Hear The People Sing?! It always makes me tear up, particularly at the very end of the show, and it’s no surprise that it’s sung at protests all over the world.

So…yeah…I just love Les Mis, and seeing it live on the West End was a dream come true (I may have booked myself another ticket to go and see it before I leave at the end of Feb).

So, those are a few of my favourite things this month! What have you been loving?


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