Tag Tuesday: How I Read

Continuing on with my Tag Tuesday theme, I have a book tag! If you didn’t know, I actually have another blog (rachelalsowrites.wordpress.com) where I share snippets of my writing and talk about writing and books and that thought of thing.  You should probably go check it out.  Anyway, I thought I’d alternate ‘tag Tuesdays’ between a book related tag and a random tag. Don’t like it, don’t read Tuesdays’ posts.

Anyway, I stole today’s tag from my friend Emily over at A Keyboard and an Open Mind (who is awesome and you should probably go check out).

How do you find new books to read? 

Usually through BookTube. In particular there are three booktubers whose opinions I really trust, so they’ve significantly increased my tbr list.  If you want to check them out, they’re Jean from Bookish Thoughts, Caz from Little Book Owl, and Regan from PeruseProject. So many books.

I also find new books to read whilst browsing through Dymocks if a book cover jumps out a me. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers.

Has your taste in books changed as you got older? 

Not at all. When I was younger, my favourite genres were fantasy, historical fiction, and science fiction. These are still my favourite genres, in the same order.  The majority of my favourite classics (a genre I have discovered more as I’ve gotten older) are still sci-fi or historical fiction, so that hasn’t changed much.  I blame in part my dad for introducing me to the magical world of Tolkien and the wonder that is Douglas Adams at an early age.  How could I not love fantasy and sci-fi after that?!  I suppose I do read more adult fantasy now that I’m older, but I always read adult sci-fi, so that hasn’t changed.

How often do you buy books? 

Too often. In the past few months I’ve been under a self-imposed clothes buying restriction as part of a capsule wardrobe challenge I’m doing and loving. Books have gushed in to fill the void. On the whole I’m pretty good at only buying books I love or I’m pretty sure I’ll love, and I try not to buy books if I know in reality I’ll never get around to reading it. The majority of my book purchases in the last few months have either been repurchasing old favourites or buying book I want to read and know I’ll enjoy for years to come.

How did you get into book reviewing? 

I always have a lot of opinions about books I’ve read, but a lot of the time my friends and A simply get tired of me ranting on and on to them about books.  So I decided to start reviewing them on my blog so that I can rant to my heart’s content.  Also this year it’s keeping me accountable – one review per week = one book read per week = on track for my reading challenge.

How do you react when you don’t like the ending of a book? 

As a rule – badly. If it’s part of a series (as long as it’s not the last book) I’m usually ok, holding out hope that the next book will redeem it.  But I hate being disappointed by an ending, particularly if I’ve loved the rest of the book.  Usually I complain about it to A, who dutifully pretends to listen.

How often do you sneak peak at the ending to see if there is a happy ending? 

Never. Never, ever, ever.  I HATE spoilers with a burning passion, even self-induced ones.  Sometimes towards the end I’ll check to see how many pages I have left, but I’m always SO careful not to read any of the text!

*Just a note: the featured image is NOT my bookshelf (I wish).  As I’m in Scotland and therefore away from my bookshelf a stock standard internet one had to do.


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