One Week Left

This time next week I’ll be at Heathrow waiting to get on my flight to Singapore and desperately trying to resist the temptation of duty free.

That’s a bit depressing.

I’ve reached that weird stage in my holiday when I’m ready to go home, but I really don’t want to leave.

I’m ready to have a wardrobe again (as in an physical one with like doors and stuff as opposed to two suitcases which I keep having to obsessively repack most nights because I HATE it when my suitcase is messy), and not have to think about how much anything I purchase will weigh.

I’m ready to be able to cook my own meals, rather than have to chose between eating out or eating some sort of weird Sainsbury’s/M&S pick and mix meal deal.

I’m ready to be back with A, because I miss him a lot.

But I’m just not ready to leave.  I mean, who am I kidding, I’ll never be ready to leave Edinburgh. But I have to, for a few months at least.

This trip as gone by so incredibly quickly, it feels like only days ago that I arrived, not weeks.

Still, I’ve got a week left and I plan on making the most of it (and also hoping it will be relatively cool by the time I return to Australia!)

AND excitingly (for me, mostly) thanks to a change of plans I’m now spending all of that week in Edinburgh, rather than gallivanting through England (read: Windermere and London).

As much as I adore the Lake District, the idea of leaving Edinburgh early and lugging my suitcases on three separate train journeys AND the tube ride was not super desirable.  Also, and this is a bit soppy, I didn’t want to go to Windermere without A.  Sure, I’ve been there by myself before, but we just had so much fun together when we were there and I sort of felt as though I just wouldn’t have as much fun by myself. And I mean, I didn’t want to leave Edinburgh, obviously.

This slight change doesn’t sound like much, and in reality it is only four extra days in Edinburgh, but to me it’s made all the difference.  I now have longer to do the touristy things I want to do, longer to sit in Starbucks working on my writing and dreaming of when I’ll live here, longer to just wander around the city feeling happy.

And longer in Edinburgh is always going to be better! For me, anyway.


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