A Few Of My Favourite Things: February


Edinburgh is bae

I mean this one is probably obvious seeing as I was in Edinburgh until the 20th (and we all know it’s my favourite place in the world), but I thought I’d just throw it in as a mention anyway.

I won’t lie, I cried a bit when I had to leave, but I felt better knowing that sooner rather than later I’ll be back (with A in tow) and hopefully setting up my life in this beautiful city!

Josh Vogelsang

Josh is an Edinburgh-based artist who sells his photographs/prints on the Royal Mile.  I bought 6 prints from Josh when I was in Edinburgh last July as a momento of my favourite city, and of course I was delighted when he was selling his prints again this time I was in Edinburgh.

So delighted that my collection now stands at 47 prints. 3 medium, signed versions of some of my favourites (the castle, Calton Hill, and Advocate’s Close if you were wondering) and 44 small sized prints of basically everything Edinburgh related you could think of (and two London ones because I just couldn’t resist).

I just became a bit obsessed.  I’ve always wanted to create a gallery wall somewhere in my home/room and there’s just something about Josh’s prints that I’m really, really drawn to.  It got to the point where we’d be chatting away whilst I flicked through his stacks of prints trying desperately to find one I didn’t have, and usually I was successful (although it became almost impossible the last few times I went to his stall).

Unlike a few of the sellers along the Royal Mile who can be a bit rude, Josh is absolutely lovely. Obviously we chatted quite a bit the five weeks I was here whilst I was buying the 41 prints I came home with, but ever since my first time walking past his stall he’s been lovely.  It’s also fantastic to know I’ve been supporting a local artist rather than giving all of my money to a touristy shop. I’ve promised him that I’ll send him a photo of all the prints up in my room so that he can put it on his stall, and I hope he’s still selling the next time I’m in Edinburgh so I can buy more (he promised he’d try to have more prints by the next time I came back).

If you’re interested in looking at some of his work, this is the link to his online gallery/store (you can order some prints for yourself if you like – tell him I sent you if you do!). Or, I mean, if you know me you can just come look at my bedroom walls…

Les Miserables

Yeah, I went to see Les Mis again (on the 10th). It was even better this time around.  It was so good that I dug out my twitter account (I know my blog is shared on my twitter but I forgot it existed) so that I could tweet two of the actors to let them know how incredible they were. It was just so good!


Chandler gets me

I fucking love Friends (the TV show).  I know a lot of people don’t like it, and to be honest I never expected to, but it definitely grew on me when it used to be on TV everyday when I was younger.  So, towards the end of last year I decided to watch ALL of Friends, starting at season 1 and going all the way through the season 10.

I’m not going to lie, I became a little more emotionally attached than I expected.  I have a lot of feelings about Friends, most I’ve which I ranted to my poor friend Tam who sat there pretending to know what I was talking about (she’s never seen Friends).  As a summary: Chandler and Joey are the best. I hate Ross so much and I don’t understand why anyone would be friends with him. It makes me mad that no one celebrates Monica and Chandler’s relationship the way the celebrate Rachel and Ross’s when Monica and Chandler obviously have the healthier, stronger, more inspirational relationship. I cry too much over cute things Chandler and Joey do for their friends (I legit cried for around 10 minutes when Chandler proposed to Monica). I’m a little too in love with Chandler.


My New Chelsea Boots

Clarks ‘Taylor Shine boots’ 

I bought chelsea boots on ASOS in December and I wasn’t super happy with them.  They were pretty comfortable but not comfortable enough for a flat chelsea boot, the toe was WAY too pointed (the pictures didn’t show the toe so I didn’t realise), they started to rub my toes, and the bit around my ankle was a weird height/tightness. So, after consulting with my friend, I bought a new pair of chelsea boots from Clarks.

Can we just take a moment here to reflect on the fact that Clarks make grown up shoes? I had no idea. In my head Clarks is where you go as a get to get your feet measured and to buy super cute kids shoes that all the other kids are jealous of. But Clarks in Edinburgh had the perfect adult size chelsea boots for me.

Since I bought them I’ve worn them every day (except for when I went to the theatre). They’re so absurdly comfy (they don’t rub or pinch, they’ve got padding in the sole so it’s super comfy), and they’re actually good for my feet so my mum can’t complain.  It turns out that she was right and it really is worth spending a bit more on a good pair of shoes.

Basically, I never thought I could love a flat chelsea boot as much as I love these shoes. They’ll be an everyday staple for years to come I think!

Primark PJs

I was never really a PJs person until I discovered Primark PJs. I now own too many pairs.

Don’t judge me ok.

There’s just something about Primark PJs that I find perfect – they’re adorable, sometimes a bit sassy, super comfortable, cheap, and actually last really well.  I still have my Primark PJs I bought last January and they’re practically as good as new.

I went a wee bit crazy buying PJs when I was in Edinburgh, but I justified to to myself by reasoning that I don’t buy PJs anywhere other than Primark, and I won’t be in Primark for at least a year, so…

But yeah, I probably own too many PJs. I don’t care though. They’re so comfy (and besides I usually wear them during the day if I don’t have to leave the house – why would you wear clothes when you can wear PJs??)

On a related note I treated myself to a Ted Baker dressing gown and OH. MY. GOD. It’s the softest most snuggly most comfortable thing in the world. I’m in love.  It’s got a hood (which is amazing coz I can put it on and pretend I’m a sith lord which is obviously goals), it’s so soft and pretty, and I love it so much. Good choice on my behalf.

Strathberry Bags

My red Strathberry…I’m in love!

Another treat whilst I was in the UK were two (oops) handbags from Strathberry of Scotland.  This is a premium handbag brand that sell hand-made, Italian leather, Scottish designed handbags for a fraction of the price of your typical designer handbag (I want the Prada Cuir Double Bag SO much but I mean hello it’s the price of return flights to the UK…). I know a lot of people will think spending anything over $100 (or even $50) is ridiculous, but I’m beginning to value spending a little bit more on things I’ll use a lot and that will last ages. I mean, I’m not at the stage in my life where I could spend $1,000 (let along 1,000 pounds) on a hangbag, but I’ve discovered I’m happy for the most part to pay a little bit extra for much better quality. I use my Ted Baker handbag I bought last year almost every day, and my burgundy leather Kikki K bag A LOT during autumn/winter as a uni bag. And they’ve lasted, the wear barely shows!

So I treated myself to a midi tote in Red, and a mini bag in Black.  I don’t have bags in either of these sizes, and I know I’ll use them all the time (especially the mini black one).

I love them so much and it was such a special purchase for me, not to mention how special they are being from Scotland!


And they’re a few of my favourite things from this month!


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